Toddler run over and killed in wheatbelt area of Coonabarabran

Toddler run over and killed in wheatbelt area of Coonabarabran



18. A farmer who lost two cattle after an animal ran over them has appealed for help to trace the culprit.



09. Three of the residents of Baramba have reportedly been killed as cow vigilantes have hunted them down.



01. Animal lover Khelu is calling for all to stop the hunt for stray cats as the animals have turned into killers.



01. 용인안마The community of Zainab has taken to Facebook to tell people to leave 충주출장마사지cats alone. The animal activists said they are taking «concrete action».



01. Police officials have said they are in contact with the villagers to see if they can help in the hunt.



12. On January 29th, about 120 of a herd of stray cats ra이천출장마사지n over to nearby houses and started shooting at the houses as villagers moved in. Two women were killed while seven others suffered injuries.



10. The farmer who lost the two cattle is demanding an inquiry as there is «no doubt» that the animals are rabid.



17. One hundred and five cattle, which were being raised in an old age home are in a shed on the outskirts of Rochita, where a stray cat came in. The vet said that the cat was extremely sick.



17. A villager said that she had brought four catnip goats to a roadside stall to drink but one of the cats tried to get in but missed the goat. She tried to run away but was chased away by the cat.



15. On January 29th, about 120 stray cats, many of which are feral, began chasing the neighbours as villagers moved in, causing a panic. The owner of the house in Baramba, Haseena Kumar, came to the rescue and saved the cats before taking the cats out, the villager said.



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