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How To Hide Last coque samsung j3 2016 fermer Seen On Truecaller

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With over 100 million downloads on Play Store and 480k downloads on App Store, Truecaller remains one of the most downloaded apps coque harry potter samsung galaxy j3 cross platform. The app is popular among smartphone users because of its amazing list of features, which include Blocking coque a40 samsung moderne spam calls, Recording Phone Calls, Backing up contacts, etc.

One such feature is Availablity which allows coque samsung a20e rock you to know if someone is busy on another call or not. It shows a red dot on a contact who is busy on another call. And a green dot on contacts who are free to receive calls. It is a great feature overall but there are some terrapin coque samsung a70 coque iphone xs privacy concerns with it as well. The app runs in the background and keeps a record of your coque samsung galaxy 2017 j3 phone usage pattern and displays it on the app as your Last Seen. The Availablity feature is by default active on the Truecaller app until you turn it off manually.

On coque samsung a20e avec message What Does Truecaller Last Seen Depends

This is a very relevant question that one may ask, that how Last seen coque samsung j3 2016 mickey silicone works in Truecaller or what it depends on So basically, Truecaller Last Seen depends upon the internet connectivity and the coque samsung j3 2017 psg app coque iphone 6 plus usage itself. That means Last Seen is shown when the person is on the Truecaller app with an active internet connection. The coque samsung coque samsung s5 a50 voiture Last Seen necessarily does not mean the last call time.

The other factor that samsung galaxy j3 2017 coque silicone transparente Last Seen depends on is coque samsung j4 plus danse whether someone has the app installed on their phone or not. It means that if someone on your samsung galaxy j3 coque personalisable contact has not installed the Truecaller app on their coque samsung j3 2016 noir device then you won be able to see their Last Seen. Also, iPhone users Last Seen is not visible on Android but Android Last Seen is visible on iPhone. This is due to some platform limitations on iOS.

Hide Truecaller Last Seen

The Last Seen is a very controversial feature that first appeared on WhatsApp, and later it was adopted by many other apps like Facebook Messenger, samsung galaxy j3 2016 coque lilo Instagram, and Truecaller. I call it a controversial feature because it was liked by a few and criticized by many for the privacy concerns related to it. However, the good thing is that coque samsung a40 street art these apps let you hide the Last Seen feature. And in this article, we are going to show you how you can do the same in Truecaller in a step by step manner.

Note: The steps are demonstrated using an Android device, but if you are an iOS user you can coque iphone 7 8 also use the same steps on your iPhone. Also with features like payment, message, coque samsung a10 and video call it has become an all in one app that everyone can use. But still, it has some privacy concerns that we dealt with in this article. And we are sure that the method provided in this article will help you overcome your privacy concerns on the Truecaller app…