Suspended mackay policeman reinstated after refusing to give back his badge

Suspended mackay policeman reinstated after refusing to give back his badge

Police watchdog launches investigation of alleged ‘torture’ at Mackay더킹카지노 force

A MACKAY man who was suspended and later fired after refusing to hand over his policeman’s badge, was reinstated after he challenged his dismissal from the force.

James Martin, 21, was fired on Tuesday after being summoned to take part in a public meeting by the Mackay Police Association and accused of trying to make «false and misleading statements».

Martin, who is originally from Lough Derg, West Scotland, is now an employed member of the force.

His solicitor, Graham Beddows, said Martin’s employment would not be affected by the suspension.

He described Martin as a «loyal, dedicated and conscientious officer with over 30 years of policing experience».

He said: «He has spoken of his appreciation for the professionalism and professional environment of the force.»

«It is important that, on this occasion, any public comments by police officers have a bearing on the law enforcement officers’ decision making process and the outcome of their duties and the way in which the officers who have come before them decide to exercise professional judgement.

«If he chooses to defend a decision taken in bad faith by his employer, that is totally inconsistent with all police standards of behaviour and not acceptable for a police officer to conduct himself.»

The suspension, announced by the police watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) on Tuesday afternoon, comes after it received a complaint from a member of the public about whether Martin was «tortured» during an excjarvees.comhange of words at a public jarvees.commeeting about a proposed new police headquarters.

The complaint, received by the watchdog, claimed he «became increasingly agitated and frustrated with police officers» at the public meeting and refused to allow his lawyer to speak.

According to the complaint, a police officer said: «You were not prepared to speak. The man from police was threatening the police officer, ‘Do what you said, or I’ll make you cry and leave’.

«When he put his hand in his own back pocket and took out his phone, the police officer was looking down at his own phone. This was clearly inappropriate.»

Martin also accused a police officer and another attendee of «taking his hand away» after he asked them to make him take his hand away before they handed over his policeman’s badge.

Beddows said: «He spoke very bluntly about i

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