Scaring birds from mango crop using lasers, light sensors, and lasers

Scaring birds from mango crop using lasers, light sensors, and lasers.

A video (in Indonesian) describing the process:슬롯 머신crop-planting-laser-technology-shooting-flames-in-paradise.html

Laser techno블랙 잭logy a블랙 잭t a Glance

For laser scanning equipment

Type of laser:

Nuisance laser



Gravimetric (diameter)




Swim ban: Swimsuits from China banned in Japan after it hit beach

Swim ban: Swimsuits from China banned in Japan after it hit beach

What’s in a name?

The new policy by Tokyo’s municipal autho바카라rities in July forbids all swimming suits that have a logo or trademark name.

They said in a statement that they «will prevent the sale, sale and marketing of the clothing for men in a manner that is likely to cause embarrassment or offense.»

The move has been described as an attempt to rein in an increasing trend toward the wearing of swimwear overseas.

Swimmers a바카라사이트nd family and friends in cities like Vancouver, St. John’s, Halifax and Toronto began complaining about the swimwear they were forced to put on by the government.

The new regulations ban only swimming wear for men’s shorts, tops and T-shirts and for females’ underwear and sports bras with a name.
There is no specific word for a swimwear brand; they could be any brand, including a Japanese fashion magazine that has been calling itself the «Swimwear Mecca.»

The new law is part of a broader crackdown on clothing overseas.

For example, it has become mandatory for all Canadians under the age of 18 to take on swimwear lessons and will soon be a requirement for all foreigners.

It was widely criticized as a misguided attempt to curb a young culture that is changing slowly.

Rees office labels leadership headline a stitch up over NBN and other issues

Reapronxes office labels leadership headline a stitch up over NBN and other issues

The Australian newspaper reported that NBN Co boardroom chairman Geoff Rice has been replaced following his criticism of the government카지노 사이트‘s planned rollout of fibre to the premises networks in rural and regional areas.

Rice, who made his position clear더킹카지노 before Labor’s election victory, had been chief operating officer of the telco’s regional Telstra operations.

Mildura hospital expected to record 25m deficit but still need to raise £7m by Christmas, says health minister George Foulkes

Mildura hospital expected to record 25m deficit but still need to raise £7m by Christmas, says health minister George Foulkes

The NHS will have to raise an extra £7m by Christmas to avert a £17m financial shortfall by 2017, according to the health minister.

He said the health service had the lowest need for treatment in the country and the first priority was patient safety.

«It is impossible for the NHS to operate successfully without adequate funding – it is critical for us that we raise that funding by around £5m this year.

«We have managed to reduce that gap over the past 12 months but we need to keep going so we don’t get too caught up in this.»

The Health and Social Care바카라 Information Centre (HSCIC) said the NHS budget «is currently on budget by an acceptable margin with the budget in deficit.»

While it had to raise £5m this year, it had an «obvious budget surplus of less than £1m», said the H바카라사이트SCIC.

The NHS had우리카지노 a net outflow of £5.2m in 2013/14, down from £8.2m the previous year and down from £15.3m the previous year.

Police probe casino pedestrian death

Police probe casino pedestrian death

Officials with the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office declined to comment. A representative for the casino said he’s not familiar with the case.

This is the first homicide in more than 20 years involving a casino guest, the source said.

Roughly 30 people in the downtown area have been killed between June 2013 and February 2014 by unknown assailants on the gambling floor, according to Hamilton Police Sgt. James K. Macdonald. That number could go up further after police determine more evidence in the case, he said.

Investigators and prosecutors believe a series of «high-profile» attacks by men on casinos during the past three years have contributed to the spike, 바카라Macd바카라사이트onald said. Most of them occurred on the second and third floors of the buildings, but some were more intimate, he said.

«It’s the first time we have been able to come up with that type of pattern where a single incident was associated with the escalation of multiple attacks against casinos,» Macdonald said.

Hamilton City Coun. John Moore called it «a serious tragedy.» He’s also concerned the cases could help spur criminal activity.

«I’m glad the investigation is proceeding,» Moore said. «We’ll need to do more to prevent that from happening again.»

The Hamilton police homicide detectives also arrested a suspect Saturday.

A Hamilton man is accused in an alleged attack at a Hamilton casino over the weekend.

A Hamilton man is accused in an alleged attack at a Hamilton casino over the weekend. (Martin Trainor / The Associated Press)

The suspect, 22, is charged with aggravated assault with a weapon under $5,000 and assault with a weapon without intent to kill. He’s being held at the Ha바카라milton County Jail and will make his next court appearance Tuesday morning. His next court date was delayed until Thursday because of a family emergency.

Police on the property where the alleged assault occurred have not given specific details about the incident, including which part of the building the alleged victim was walking through. But they said the attack appears to have been random.

The suspect has been released from police custody without bail and is currently in custody and in the custody of the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office, authorities said.

Moore said there were «a lot of questions» but did not have additional details.

«There’s no question that people are out there looking for something,» he said. «I’m hoping that the public can help us keep this from happening to anyone els

Push to let 12 year olds to use guns in tasmania

Push to let 12 year olds to use guns in tasmania


The ACT has joined two other Australian states in allowing 12 year olds to buy a gun without permission, despite an increasing number of violent attacks on children in Melbourne’s inner-city.

The move comes as a report revealed Australia’s inner-city youth population, which had seen a 10 per cent drop in the past decade, was at its lowest levels since records began in 1987.

The ACT’s National Crime Agency said there had been 11 shooting deaths in 2012 and two suicide attempts for every 100,000 children aged 12 in ACT schools.

But Premier Daniel Andrews said the ACT had joined other states in allowing guns to be owned by 12 year olds.

«We’re seeing a dramatic drop in young people who are in trouble because of their own behaviour,» he told ABC News Breakfast.

‘We need to be concerned’

«This government understands children need to be protected at all times and I think in this situation 더킹카지노it’s really critical that we find ways to manage their fear and make sure that kids are properly secured and safe.»

ACT Premier Daniel Andrews said a gun in a child’s hands was not a way to handle the growing tide of child violence and the threat of harm from guns.

The ACT’s Minister of State for Children and Families said she was alarmed by the «huge number» of shootings involving guns, and the high level of youth offending in her state.

Senator Andrews said she was happy with the state’s gun laws and hoped the national government would take an equally strong stand in support.

«There is clearly a need for legislation around t바카라사이트hat, and we have to get it right,» she said.

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Cabinet briefed on keelty fire report

Cabinet briefed on keelty fire report

By Dave Donovan, BDN Staff • March 5, 2017 7:39 pm

Updated: March 6, 2017 9:52 am

The M예스카지노aine Department of Transportation issued a report Thursday afternoon detailing what caused the fire at the Maine State Police ferry terminal in Portland on Sunday.

The report, part of a State Police report on the fire, says it took approximately 18 minutes from a call to the main deck to its initial impact. The report also states that the fire spread to three other decks in the terminal.

Maine State Police are following up on that report and is preparing to conduct a full investigation, the report said.

The fire is still under investigation and investigators are still combing the area, according to the report.

«If anyone was in distress and in immediate danger, they should call 911, and you cannot call law enforcement if you don’t know exactly where you are,» the report said.

The fire caused extensive damage on the main deck of the port.

Fire officials said damage to all other three decks is not believed to be significant and will not affect port activities, according to the report.

Maine Public Works crews were able to secure the area of the port that was affected by the fire and were moving equipment and the terminal from the building that contains the ferry terminal Thursday afternoon, according to David Ostermeier, the port operations manager.

An extensive firefighting effort is underway.

The ferry was scheduled to depart on Sunday for Maine to California and was scheduled to depart in three hours from its original departure time.

The report from Maine’s Department of Transp바카라ortation said that the fire was not caused by a mechanical malfunction on deck nor were the fires directly related to the ship. It also said that the fire did not pose a hazard to the general public.

Ostermeier said it is still too early to speculate about the cause of the fire. The cause is still under investigation and offi우리카지노cials would like to know from the fire department how long a large fire could have spread on the deck and what type of fire-fighting equipment they had at the time the fire took hold.

«I don’t want to speculate about the cause,» Ostermeier said.

As of Tuesday, fire investigators were still gathering information at the scene.

In the past, incidents involving fires have occurred at the Maine Ferry Terminal and there have been several confirmed instances of fires in the ferry terminal and at port facilities including the docks