Taxi sex assault trial doctor evidence

Taxi sex assault trial doctor evidence

Dr Richard Capper, whose case is to open in court on January 13, said: «If you’ve been affected by rape and you are considering natyasastra.comasking the court to order someone else to look after you, what are you really going to get from that?

«If you have sexual assaults that were not rape, and then it looks like that person’s got a criminal record, but has never been convicted, what’s 바카라사이트the point of talking about that?

«The courts can not make anyone sit on their hands – you need to go to a police station or the police have to actually take action.

«A lot of these cases, if you ask a rape victim, they will say, ‘I wouldn’t have felt raped if I didn’t say no’.

«Even if somebody said no to you, why are you going to sit on your hands?

«The other issues are very minor. People who have experienced sexual assault for other reasons that weren’t rape, they will still be more likely to report them.»

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said: «This has not happened. For the latest information, please see the latest version of the Rape Crisis Hotline.

«If you have any concerns about someone, there are many options that are available to you, including going to hospital, counselling or taking legal action.

«There is a police바카라 record check in place for women who are accused of rape, and the MoJ is currently reviewing that to ensure that it has made any changes that should help protect victims.»