Melbourne council to bulldoze newly renovated scout hall to save money

Melbourne council to bulldoze newly renovated scout hall to save money

In October 2012, Melbourne council approved the demolition of the old scout hall that houses two of the city’s best known universities, Macquarie and Macquarie University.

As part of the approval process, council made recommendations to the Victorian government that saw the school’s current building demolished.

The council recommended that the school’s curr바카라ent building be demolished and replaced with a new, «renovated, modernised and modernised to suit the needs of the school and its students».

The council’s chief executive Martin said it was essential the school had its building renovated because it is «a symbol and beacon for the city».

«It’s not a historic building and we don’t need to be a historical building… It’s a beautiful building,» he said.

The current building, once the site of schools, was designed by Michael Wines, former chairman of the design consultancy Nacin Gully.

In an interview last month, Wines said he was pleased the city had chosen the design of the old scout hall «to meet the current needs of the student community» and «provide for a high level of privacy and accessibility».

However, the council is under increasing pressure from university alumni groups and students to move out of the church because of its reputation.

The council’s decision to remove the Scout Hall, which was built in 1901 as a schoolhouse, comes as council considers new design proposals for the Church.

An application fo바카라사이트r the council to allow the demolition of the old Scout Hall is due to be considered on 29 March.

The council said it expected to finish the process of removing the Scout Hall in 2014, but the cost would depend on the size of the project.