Yarraman crossing damage was limited to a few shops in the village, officials said

Yarraman crossing damage was limited to a few shops in the village, officials said.

The road also collapsed near Daulatu우리카지노llah’s village, killing two people and injuring more than 400.

«The road was damaged by strong winds, caused by heavy rainfall, and the landslide triggered by heavy rains, leaving more than 2.6 km of road near Daulatullah closed by roadways and bridges,» police spokesman Anwarul Haq told AFP.

The army has been deployed in remote areas to help rebuild roads and rail facilities following deadly landslides last week on the north-eastern districts of Raipur and Marib.

They have also sent special forces to tackle Maoist insurgents who took over Raipur last year.

– ‘Abandoned’ –

Residents in Marib, whose main town has been flattened, told AFP that they had only been able to eat and sleep for days but then the road was lost.

«I could not get to sleep, the noise from the road was horrible.바카라 It shook me,» resident Numanullah said as he sat at his home outside the village.

«The ne바카라사이트xt day everything went backwards. I heard the road had been swallowed by the river.»

Residents have come from nearby areas and told AFP of being lost from above and to the left and right.

The town’s main business district was forced to shut its shops on Monday.

At least 11 people remain missing, police said.

Cancer patient transport made easier with digital booking system

Cancer patient transport made easier with digital booking system

By Kate Miller

Posted: January 11, 2016

A digital booking system that was previously only used by banks to keep patient and guest details updated, now allows UberEats riders to check their status on the app so that they are not left out on the street if a customer needs to get off in the middle of the night.

For the first time, the technology that allows passengers to check their status electronically for rides in New York City has allowed UberEats to provide UberEATS staff with a way to check if someone has left their ride in a location and have it delivered to them in their vehicle.

«UberEats has long been known for ensuring riders are fully aware of the status of their UberEats pickup 우리카지노when they are going to the pick-up point, and this is the first time we’ve done that for U바카라사이트berEats riders as well,» said Matt Klozewski, UberEats CEO, in a statement emailed to Capital New York City. «We’re thrilled to be collaborating with UberEats, for whom we are dedicated, to further enhance customer service with this technology.»

UberEats’ customer service team was aware of how UberEats was using Uber’s smart app and the technology was on the verge of completion last month when they made the announcement last July that they would be implementing the technology.

The technology uses the smartphone’s GPS location and location database to send customer information to the Uber application for delivery to their home and to the UberEats app for delivery to their car.

After a rider has selected the UberEats app from the app, a person or team at the restaurant can check to see that the rider has checked the UberEats system. If a customer does not have the UberEats app, the person or team will deliver the UberEats order from their smartphone’s address book and mobile phone to the re더킹카지노cipient’s residence or address, and send a text message to the recipient’s number to verify their pick up.

UberEats will update the UberEats app with the correct status code, and then the customer should see a note from the user confirming that he/she has reached his/her pick up point.

Klozewski added that UberEats is confident that the technology will make the UberEats service work better for passengers with other forms of Uber, like cars for UberEats drivers.

«The process is designed to enable UberEats to quickl